Will they work on any guitar?

The only requirement for Riot Tuners are 3/8″ headstock holes, and steel strings no bigger than .056.  If you’ve got all of those, you can rock on!  Most modern guitars have standardized on the headstock thickness and tuning machine holes.  This makes the Riot Tuners drop-in replacements to your old stale machines. Typically most steel string guitars with light, medium, or heavy strings will work, but if you’ve still got questions, drop us a note.  [email protected]

How do I install them?

It’s simple. 30 minutes and you’ll be back to rocking!  You might need a screwdriver to remove the old tuning machines, but not tools are required for your Riot Tuners.  Here is a link to the installation instructions:  Riot Tuner Installation Instructions.PDF


Are they easy to install?

Yes ,they are very easy to install.  Usually less than 30 minutes.  No drilling, gluing, or re-tooling your headstock.  You may need a screwdriver to remove the old tuning machines.

What is the maximum string size?

0.056 is the largest string size.  

Do Riot Tuners work with Nylon Strings?

Sorry, no.  Nylon strings stretch too much 🙁 

What is the Warranty?

Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects and product quality.

Are they heavy?

Riot Tuners are 31g each, so a set of 6 is 186g, or 6.5oz.  This is about average in the tuning machine world.